Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What's in a name? That which we call tuna would smell as sweet.

I have had many names in my long years, plus some nicknames and even songs written for me.

When I first came to Laura & Joe's place my name was Nezbine. Nobody could remember it, least of all me. So I became "CAT!", particularly when I was on a counter.

They tried naming me Debug, because that's what I liked to do, but somehow it didn't work.

Laura wanted to name me Penny Annie, but nobody else liked that one. I think I might have liked it better than what I DID get named next, which was Butthead. That one stuck for a long time. One time a new neighbor asked what my name was, and when she was told she said "Oh, Button, that's a cute little name!". Oops.

After I got my hip removed about eight years ago (it was arthritic from being hit by a car when I was very young), and my grumpiness along with it, they decided that name was unfair (DUH) and changed it to Buddy. Which is a good name for me. I have become pretty friendly, considering that I didn't really want to be touched when I arrived. I had never been anybody's pet before. I mean, I went from feral to allowed to live indoors with some people and other cats, but the people came and went and I don't like other cats much. I didn't like fighting for food. When I could have all I could eat, I got fat for a while. If 9 1/2 pounds can be fat.

Anyway, the last several years I have discovered that Laura is warm, and I like it warm. And she's nice too, she knows not to pet me too much, which overexcites me and I have to leave. So now I lie on her. If she doesn't have a satisfactory lap I get on & off again over & over until she gets a clue and fixes it. When she's sleeping I sometimes lie on every side of her as she rolls over in the night. First the tummy, then the left side, then sometimes the tummy again, then the right side, and finally the back. Best of all is the tummy in the morning when I know she has to pee.

I have tons of nicknames, which come and go. Joe is always coming up with new ones. Lately he has been calling me Smidgen Underfoot. Laura says that's my Hobbit name. But one of his and my favorites is Monkey, which is pronounced Minkie, as Inspector Clouseau would say it. Whoever.

I've had so many more, but I can't think of them right now. So I'll close with a little song Joe wrote for me, to the tune of Doctor Doolittle's song, I'll call it Doctor Beelittle:

If I could talk to the bugs,
Under the rugs,
Even get a bug language degree,
I'd study butterfly and beetle,
Ant and big mosquitle,
And the bugs would talk to me!



jane said...

Hi Buddy, the lying on every side of Laura thing you do we call "body surfing", my cats do it too, and yes, always when I need to pee in the morning. It's a sure fire way to get me out of bed to feed them!

Daisy said...

I am glad that the bugs do not really talk, because sometimes I eat them all up. And I would not want to hear their little screams.

I like the name Buddy. Sometimes my Mommie calls me funny nicknames too.

Rascal said...

Hi Buddy. Catzee is my sister. Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. I like the story of your names. I also like your song. We like songs and poems at our house too. I'm glad your humans know how to treat you properly. You've obviously done a good job training them.

THE ZOO said...

hi nezbine. nise to meet yoo. i hafe had many names too. the ole boy that used to live here tried to name me hurricane and frew a fit when momma and sissy hated that name. i became baby and theyve tried to gife me a new name frueowt the years but baby seems to stick. im 7 years old

Nezbine said...

Yes, Jane, body surfing is a good name for that. I'll remember it.

Hi again Daisy!

Welcome Rascal & Baby. Thanks for coming by.

Rascal, your sis is the reason I have a blog. I didn't know torties could blog, but when I saw that she can, I thought if I torti can, why not a torbi?