Sunday, August 5, 2007

And the bad news is...

...that they think I have bone cancer.

The needle man examined a lump on my face way back on April 30th and declared that I had not long to live. A few weeks at best. Clearly, I disagreed. I may have cancer, I wouldn't know, but I have lasted a little more than 3 months, which is far longer than his prediction. At first I was in some pain, and Laura and Joe had to give me shots of some dreadful stuff that hurt a lot and made me woozy.

I know I was probably pretty entertaining when I got my head stuck in the watering can, or when I ran into the sliding glass door trying to get at a chickadee that was collecting nest materials from the jute doormat RIGHT ON THE OTHER SIDE, but really, I wasn't enjoying myself nearly as much as Laura was. After the first few days I felt better about the drugs, but not the shots. Those I hated more and more. But I was enjoying life a little more, and I started getting pretty excited about going outside every morning. I would go out for a few minutes and then come back and yell at Laura to come out too. She really needs a life.

After a few weeks of the drugs I stopped feeling the pain, so I'm off the nasty stuff. I still am eager to get out every morning, and sometimes I still bug Laura if she forgets to come out soon enough. Little by little, I am getting her trained.

A few weeks ago I started sneezing a lot, and that went on for a few days. Now I still sneeze once in a while but not enough to bother me much. I know I have the cutest little sneeze, but that doesn't mean I want to entertain everyone with it.

Last night I slept on Laura most of the night, which I don't often do, as it disrupts my sleep. She moves around too much, which is very annoying, but I try to put up with it because she doesn't know any better.

This morning I was next to the bed, and I was pawing at my mouth some. I don't normally, unless it hurts. Most of the time it's just really annoying. Anyway I must have scratched myself because I started bleeding, and the blood mixed with spit and a little went a long way. I gave us all a scare, but it stopped right away and I stopped pawing too. Here's hoping it won't bug me again like that.

Otherwise today was pretty much like any other. I slept around (get your mind out of the gutter, you know what I mean), ate some, washed some, and went out and supervised Joe in the yard and Laura at the computer. Tonight I helped them watch TV and ate some cheese from their nachos. And of course I begged for fish cookies early and often. All in all a long and satisfying day.

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